Including a mock interview


Think about it – an employer needs to have confidence in you as the right candidate for the job; and that will only happen if you show confidence in yourself.


My advice pulls together my experience as an interviewer; my feedback from many recruiters who I have collaborated with; and my background in psychology.


This interview coaching package includes:


1 x 1 hr Masterclass on interviews

  • How to prepare for an interview 

  • Advice on how to make the best impression; including dress, body language, and communication skills

  • How to answer the most commonly asked questions – adapted to your own style and personality

  • Behavioural questions – what are they, how to recognise them and how to answer them

  • How to take advantage of the “Do you have any questions?” opportunity at the end of an interview

  • Following up after the interview 


1 x 1 hr interview practice, including

  • a mock interview, tailored to a job you are actually applying for

  • verbal feedback on your interview



$290 via zoom

$320 in person


International Students and visa holders

$217 via zoom

$240 in person

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