Includes practical application of the tools

My Resume Package delivers you a clear, professional, resume, that represents you and all that you have to offer.

Rather than write your resume for you, we’ll do it together, so that you will know how to write or update it yourself any time you need to.

I’ll also teach you how to use your resume. 

Here’s what this package covers:


1 x 1 hr training on how to write your resume, with personalised advice based on your background and experience  (includes training on how to get your resume through the ATS screening for online applications)

1 x 1 hr follow up session to finalise your resume, and to teach you how to use it each time you apply for a job.  We will look at a job together that you actually want to apply for. 


I’ll also share a cover letter template with you and show you how to adjust it for each job.


$295 via zoom

$320 in person 

For international students and other visa holders

$221 via video call

$240 in person

Let's get started! 

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