Find Your Way to Work

Job Search Coaching

Personalised, individual coaching, with a strategic approach to finding a job.

Australia-wide coaching via zoom.

Sydney-based for face to face. 


Bernie McFarlane

Job Search Coach

One of my greatest joys is seeing people blossom as they gain the confidence that comes with realising their own unique contribution that only they bring to the world. 

My psychology background and years of experience mentoring and educating people, give me a different take on Job Search Coaching that is very person-centred.


Add to that the practical training in resume writing and interviewing and you have a winning combination that will give you the confidence you need to go out and achieve your goals. 



Did you know that according to eye-tracking studies (Ladders Inc, 2018), recruiters spend an average of 7.4 seconds reading your resume?  And that when you apply for jobs online your resume is likely to be processed by software which screens out 70% of resumes? 

The good news is that the more we understand recruiters behaviour, the best chance we have to succeed in the job search.

Interview Coaching

Why do interviews cause us such anxiety?  The “fight or flight” response can be strong in those moments where we are faced with an interview.  The problem is that you can’t think rationally and emotionally at the same time – and in an interview you need a clear mind.


The more knowledge you have about how to interview successfully, the more confident you will be.   This confidence will empower you to give strong answers to questions, engage better with the interviewer, and make a great impression. 

Strategy Session

It's harder than ever to get a job right now.  So if you want to get a job you need to do more than before.  But rather than working harder you need to work smarter.

In this session we look at planning with purpose. Before rushing into the job search, invest a little time in setting the compass and make sure you don't waste time in directionless activity.

From recruiters and managers

Kelly Jenkins,

Recruitment Consultant

Bernie is professional, caring and has the ability to bring the best out of people. Encouraging people to move beyond their comfort zones to achieve their goals.

Michelle Brennan,

People & Culture

Bernie demonstrates genuine care, interest and empathy with individuals and immediately makes people feel at ease.


I have every confidence that Bernie is the right person to help you get that next job and give you the practical skills to succeed in your career. 

Jacob Munday,

Marketing Manager

Her expert networking skills with the corporate world have given her a genius reputation when it comes to understanding the needs of employers.


In my opinion, she is one of Australia’s leading career coaches.