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Looking for work 

Applying for jobs can be overwhelming.  It is laborious and stressful.  It can be very frustrating when you know you have what it takes, but don’t know how to convince an employer of that.  The process seems more focused on your ability to write or to interview than your ability to do the job.

Let me help you get better results for the effort you are putting in, and help you find not just any job, but one that is a good match for you. 


Job search coaching

There are various aspects of the job search which you might benefit from brushing up on.  My approach is to teach you how to do it so you can be more confident and self-sufficient if/when you need these skills again in the future.

Areas include:

  • Strategy

  • Resume

  • Cover letters

  • Interview coaching

  • Career planning

  • Goal setting

  • Networking

  • Confidence


Investment: $180 per hour (plus GST)

Meetings can be in person (in Sydney) or via zoom anywhere in Australia


Call me – Bernie - for a free initial phone consultation and tell me what has been happening for you so far.  That will help you decide if I am the right person to help.   Or drop me a line. 

Ph 0404 504 023

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