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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

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Bernie McFarlane

Career Development Practitioner

Each person's career journey is unique.  It is so much more than your resume: it is made up of your experiences, your values, your contribution and your very self.  I hope to have the chance to get to know your story!  In the meantime, here is a little of mine. 


Like many people, my roles have been quite varied, but the common theme running through them is a drive for helping people.  Working as a Career Development Practitioner is definitely the best role I have ever had.  It is life-changing when you can help someone uncover a fulfilling path for themselves, to find a career where they can find purpose and value. 

Much of my work has been in assisting people to find employment in their chosen profession.  I have helped hundreds of people to find a job, from students to people very advanced in their careers, across all types of industries - from hospitality and administration to creative industries, law and corporate jobs.  I especially love working with migrants and helping them transition into their profession of choice.  And I am passionate about teaching people how to weave networking into their career.

I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice; Foundations of Human Resources; and a degree in Psychology and Sociology.  

I hold Professional Membership with the Career Development Association of Australia.  And you can find me listed on the  Career Industry Council of Australia's National Register of Professional Career Development Practitioners. 


Find Your Way to Work

Find Your Way to Work is about the uniqueness of each person.  I enjoy working with you to discover your own approach to the job search in a way that empowers you and helps you maintain your values, your culture and your priorities.


The Find Your Way to Work logo features a bear to represent the courage you need to dig deep, draw on your inner strength and put yourself out there in the job search; or to step out and make a career change.  

You need confidence in yourself in order to convince an employer to have confidence in you. Confidence is arguably the most important of all the resources you need in your career toolkit, and a key focus of my coaching. 

And the fish

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for life”.   As well as sending you off with the tools for the job search and your career development, I’ll also teach you how to develop them yourself; giving you the knowledge and confidence to be self-sufficient in applying for jobs.


Some people like to visualise themselves achieving their goals. Perhaps you will also be able to relate the bear who has successfully caught his fish as an image of your future success in kicking those career goals!

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