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Whether you’re are at the beginning of your career or seeking a change of profession; or trying to navigate any other career decisions, career guidance is worth the investment.  Work is such a big part of your life - finding satisfaction in it is very important.


Navigating these times can be like stepping out into the unknown.  Tapping into the professional experience and knowledge of a qualified career practitioner not only gives you more confidence along the way, it also increases your chances of success on many levels. 

My help

I would love to be part of this stage of your career, help you unpack your ideas, goals, dreams, concerns and journey with you to a place of greater certainty and decision.  What’s right for you is very personal.  My role is to help guide you and empower you to make your own career decisions that respect everything that's important to you.

We can meet in person if you are in Sydney, or via zoom for anywhere else in Australia. 


Please call me for a free 15 minute telephone consultation, to see if I am the right person to accompany you on this journey.   Or email me to introduce yourself.  

                                            Phone: 0404 504 023

Further career guidance sessions are $180 an hour (plus GST)


Connect with me on Linkedin if you would like to introduce yourself there.  

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